by bizZarh

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water to nourish. fire to purify.



They looking for the truth, yeah?

I'm restin', why you bitch niggas testin'?,
why you flexing? I'm fresher than the freshman
speak good into existence, never stressing
though it's depressing, I'm hardbody
You're dead weight, all I do is make a gesture, direct links nigga
It ain't nothin', these niggas bluffin',
i'm posted, where my Golden G's? peep the steez
check your chi, where's our fairytale..
all the little lies that prevail on us
keep our moods up when the world'll fail on us
babe close your eyes, you don't realize
where the true world lies, you'll find to your surprise,


life is but a dream it ain't what it seem, life is fluid, very lucid
i am intuitive, what's the movement,
aye look how we do this, fire burning bright light the fuel and
to infinity and beyond it, serendipity, glad i found it
female energy, most astounding..


Mmm, it's mean and vicious, but it's religion,
don't rely on niggas, just mind your business
if it's in my mind it's in existence, within my distance
If you're out for mine, I'll have you smitten,
bid you good riddance
now look and listen, you peep that hissin'
I've got big chunks for all you chumps and i'm not out here for your ass kissing
the goal is passing while you nappin' i'll be reaching it
don't be surprised when i start preaching shit, bruh
you don't know me cuz… think you know me huh
you can miss me with the hype i never ask for none
entertain me with some actual i'm tired of ya,
been so long since i been this buck, you don't have to front
you adopt your vibe from ours, dig your hole i'll pick your flowers
you're a coward nigga.. anything i want i get that's power, nigga
i tower niggas even if they're taller still devour niggas,
see you finna cuff but shit ain't sweet enough for sour niggas



Be fearless when you talk, fuck what the tell you
keep your vision 20/20, don't let them fool you
You already are what you seek to become
I look to the stars as a mirror and then I be one
More power.. create it as I see in my mind
May those who send the evil eye go blind


released June 12, 2015
artwork by brandon l rials
produce'd. KIN
mix'd. The Tone Ranger
master'd. Greg Giesbrecht



all rights reserved


bizZarh Toronto, Ontario

All we do is have fun.

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